School Assignment on the Canadian’s Women Hockey team Smoking & Drinking on the Ice. By: Rafat Abualhaija & Austin Tyrrell


We’re sorry we let you down Canada. We lost ourselves in the excitement of our win and in our celebrations. Our conduct was unacceptable.


On Thursday night, after the Canadian Women’s Hockey team won gold, we were found celebrating with alcohol and smoking on the ice.  Hockey Canada apologizes on behalf of our ladies team for any actions which may have offended anyone.  As anyone would expect, our ladies hockey team was ecstatic after their gold medal win, and while they should have maintained higher standards and greater control of themselves and celebrated in private, they allowed themselves to get lost in their celebrations and went a step too far.  We recognize that such conduct is unacceptable and by no means would any of these ladies intentionally bring the integrity of their team, or the Olympic Committee into disrepute.  Finally, we would like to assure everyone that steps have been taken to ensure that our ladies maintain higher standards in the examples they set in the future.


Have entire Women’s Canadian hockey team roster in a picture holding up a banner reading, “we let you down Canada” with the caption, “we messed up Canada, and we’re sorry if our conduct offended anyone #teamcanada”





All posts on this blog are made for school assignments. The people contributed with these posts do not represent any of the organizations referred to in these posts in any way.

Promotion for the Capitol Theatre of Windsor Ontario. By: Rafat Abualhaija & Fiona Pswarayi

This mock video is a promotion for the Capitol Theatre of Windsor, Ontario. The Capitol Theatre has received a $238,000 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, to be used by arts and culture collaborative. The money will assist in funding audio-visual equipment, and to hire a Media & Promotion Manager, as well as an in-house Video Production Professional who will be on site to assist with the various events at the venue.

Promotions Assignment

Produced by:

Rafat Abualhaija & Austin Tyrrell

 I.        Pathway To Potential Survey:

The target audience for this campaign is people living in poverty, new landed immigrants, and unemployed people who live in the Windsor-Essex County and are 16 years or older.  Focus on this campaign ought to be the long and short term benefits of taking this survey; namely, that it could help bring about change to the political landscape, and in the way of a $1000 prize to one randomly selected survey participant.

A)  Twitter:

1-      A tweet every two to three days to be posted with a link to the website of P2P to take the survey, with mentions of the $1000 prize and ways this survey may help its participants to encourage involvement.

2-      Tweet a link to each blog post written regarding this subject.

 B)   Facebook:

1-      Create a Facebook page to raise awareness of how bad the situation is for people who live under poverty, a link could be provided to redirect readers to take the survey online.

2-      Post details of the $1000 draw to the page.

3-      Ensure a link to the survey itself is always found at the top of the page to ensure it is easy to find for all.

4-      Post pictures and testimonials from both those who will be affected by this survey, and by local politicians looking to support the information it might provide.

 C)   Instagram:

1-      Post photos of locals in need with the caption, “It’s your turn to make a difference”.

2-      Post a photo of a local politician whose policy might be swayed by this survey, with the caption, “his decisions should be based on what you want and need – time to tell him what that is”.

 D)  Company Blog:

1-      Post a blog about how people in Windsor-Essex County are being affected by poverty and other negative circumstances and how this is detrimental to the rest of Windsor.  Conclude with the ways one might make a difference for himself or others, including this survey.  Provide a link to the survey itself.

2-      Post another blog, this one being about the specific benefits that could come about as a result of participating in this survey.

 E)   SoundCloud:

1-      Record an audio advertisement and post it to SoundCloud.  Post the link to all social media accounts.

2-      Record a weekly interview with different families hurt by poverty or in opportunity as well as with experts about Windsor’s status with poverty.  Post to soundcloud then add it to all social media accounts.

 F)   YouTube:

1-      Post a short video documentary explaining Windsor’s current state regarding poverty and where it appears to be headed.  Provide a link at the end to the survey.

2-      Post a video interview with a local politician explaining how important such surveys as the Quality of Life Survey are to creating policies and making decisions that benefit those enduring undesirable circumstances.

 G)  Emails:

1-      An email should be generated to target audience (email addresses could be collected from the database of P2P which has to be established over time) to encourage people to take the survey and a support for their community. A link in the email should be provided to redirect people to take the survey online.

2-      Send emails to other organizations and the City of Windsor to forward to their own contacts to as to provide support for getting this survey out to people.

 H)  Mainstream Media:

1-         Pitch a story to the Windsor Star in the form of a media release, citing increasing poverty and the importance this survey has in an economically worsening society.

2-         Flyers could be distributed around neighbourhoods in areas which are known to house low income families to raise awareness among residents, to support their community by taking the survey to help those who are in need.

3-         Representatives of P2P could be available with hard copies of the surveys in local malls and street corners and encourage shoppers and passers-by to take 5 minutes to fill the survey.

    II.        Local documentary and live music event at Capitol Theatre:

The target audience for this event are people who love music and are interested in the local music and film-making scene. They could be of ages 16 to 65, and residents of Windsor-Essex County and its surrounding areas.  Promotions to increase ticket sales for this event could be taken through traditional and social media at the same time. The involvement of business partners of the Capitol Theatre could help a lot.  For example, the Phog Lounge has a big target audience who can be approached to increase ticket sales. Through the contacts and customer list of the Phog Lounge people could be approached to market for this event in a setting that they trust.

 A)  Twitter:

1-      A tweet should be posted to announce for the opening of the film with a link to the website of the Capitol Theatre to tell more information about the film.

2-      Another tweet should be posted to redirect the audience to the Facebook page of the Capitol Theatre to view more promotions about the film.

3-      Tweets from the sponsors of the Capitol Theatre could be posted to promote for this event.

4-      Ask celebrity figures involved in the documentary to tweet advertisements on behalf of the showing.

5-      Post a tweet saying what the event is and to keep an eye out for another tweet which will offer the chance to win two free tickets.  Follow this up with a second tweet which gives followers the opportunity to re-tweet said tweet for the chance to win the two tickets.  Enter those who re-tweeted into a draw and randomly select a winner.

 B)   Facebook:

1-      A Facebook page should be dedicated from the Capitol Theatre to promote for the film, and for announcing who will be available after the film for Q & A with the filmmaker and key people from the film.

2-      Special images and short video scenes should be posted on the Facebook page to promote for this event/film.

 C)   Instagram:

1-      Post stills from the documentary with appropriate titles as teasers for what viewers can expect.

2-      Post short video previews of documentary.

D)  Company Blog:

1-      Post a blog about how the music and filmmaking industry is growing in Windsor.  Provide examples and interviews from those who have helped take these industries to where they are now.

2-      Present early viewing to local critics.  Post their reviews to the blog.

E)   Soundcloud:

1-      Post short audio clips from the documentary itself to provide people with a teaser for what they can expect.

2-      Post audio advertisements for the documentary and its showing and post to all social media accounts.

 F)   YouTube:

1-      Create a commercial for the documentary using footage of the local music and filmmaking scene.  Post to all applicable social media.

2-      Post videos from instagram of behind the scenes footage.

G)  Emails:

1-      A mass email should be sent across to all people who may have provided their contact details to the Capitol Theatre for promotions of new films or events.

2-      It should be stated within the same email that the film will be followed by Q & A with the filmmaker and key people from the film.

 I)     Mainstream Media:

1-      Ads should be placed in local newspapers and local magazines to promote for the film and the Q & A with the filmmaker of the film.

2-      Another ad should be played on local radio stations and local television stations.

3-      Flyers could be distributed in the downtown area to promote for the event.

4-      Media release to all local newspaper and event papers to pitch a feature about the stars involved in this local production.

  III.        The Amber Bee Grand Opening:

The target audience for this campaign would be school students of ages 14 to 25 years and women aged 50 plus. They can be reached through social media like Facebook and Twitter. Also, they can be referred by other educational organizations like their schools, youth centres or by Sylvan Learning Centre.  More traditional media would be used to reach the older demographic.

 A)  Twitter:

1-      A tweet should be posted to attract local students and other older people, who are looking to brush up on their skills to join the Amber Bee, and to attend the grand opening.

2-      A link could be provided by a tweet to the Facebook page or by the website of Amber Bee to learn more about the activities provided by them.

 B)   Facebook:

1-      A Facebook page should be established to attract young and old people to the Amber Bee, images for some Art works could be provided to influence those who might be interested to join.

2-      A contest on the Facebook page could be run to attract more students.

C)   Instagram:

1-      Post photos of knitting and crocheting projects to hype followers for what they might be able to achieve if they join the classes.

2-      Post images fun gift ideas that can be made by crocheting and knitting.

 D)  Company Blog:

1-      Create a post about the benefits people might receive from these classes, and what will be involved in joining them.  Provide potential customers the details of what they can expect.

2-      Once the company is up and running, ask members to write blogs posts about different topics regarding the benefits knitting and crocheting has had on their lives. Edit and post those that are submitted.

 E)   Soundcloud:

1-      Create an audio banner for other social media to advertise the classes.

2-      Create weekly skits lasting 1 to 2 minutes with tips and tricks that people can use for knitting and crocheting.

 F)   YouTube:

1-      Create a video montage of people of all ages enjoying knitting and crocheting.  End it with advertisement of where to sign up and what time classes are.

2-      Occasionally post photo montages of finished works and works in progress by participants in these classes.

 G)  Emails:

1-      Emails could be sent to those who live in the area, and might meet the criteria. Emails could be generated for a small group of people at first, and ask for those who receive it to forward it to their contacts and copy the Amber Bee (this would allow Amber Bee to establish a bigger database for potential clients).

2-      Prizes should be announced to be distributed to those who attend the grand opening.

 H)  Mainstream:

1-      Ads should be placed in newspapers and magazines.

2-      Flyers should be distributed at schools to attract more students.

3-      Place ads at community centres such as the Adie Knox community Centre.

4-      Place ads in Windsor Quilting Guild newsletters.

5-      Some advertisement should be announced through radio and television.

6-      Provide a news release to school papers and Windsor Star about start of this company.